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Volunteers are needed in the band room once a week each day.

If you have 10 minutes - 30 minutes or an hour once a week
between 8:30-10 am or 2:40pm-3pm it would be very helpful.

Concert Band/8th grade Bowling Party
Friday May 27 2pm
Bring $40, text me if you are coming and haven't paid yet

To mark Donations for MS Band/Orchestra

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New Student Information

Expecting a middle school student to be passionate about music is like expecting a baby to be passionate about physics.  It takes time to develop the passion.  Keep playing your instrument.  It will make you smarter & happier.  Now is about setting a habit and a commitment to something fun that also works your brain. 

Online lessons are available for your woodwind and guitar and bass students using hangouts. If enough students there can be ensemble classes offered, trios and duets via video conferencing with students. 

Call 818-378-8007 if interested.  Andy Najera

Specializing in teaching anyone how to play an instrument.
No experience necessary.
Anyone can learn a musical instrument.  Don't ever believe it when someone tells you, "you can't," "it's too much for you," "you're no good."  With determination & some guidance YOU CAN LEARN.
To become great a great musician, one must struggle a little.  In the early stages of learning music, failure is important
.  There is a small gap between what we all are able to do and where we want to be.  It's amazing what new instrumentalists accomplish when they let go of the fear of something new.  Let go of the fear that they can't do something.  Allowing themselves to be temporarily frustrated. Most everyone is thinking that everyone else is better than they are.  Who cares!  Do it for you.  Always encourage, Never discourage!

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