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Textbooks & Materials needed

All Instrumental, Rhythm and Theory Books can be purchased at Cassell's Music 901 N. Maclay, San Fernando 818 365 9247

10-5 on Saturday
10-6 Monday-Wednesday
11-6 Thursday-Friday   closed Sunday

Please bring a pencil to every class.  All NEW students bring in one box of 200 economy weight sheet protectors.  All 2nd & 3rd year students bring in one set of white & one set of color index cards.

Concert Band
Step by Step
Rhythm Spectrum
SBS CB.jpeg
Jazz Band
Jazz Ensemble Method
Jazz Ensemble Book.jpg
Essential Elements for Strings
ee strings.gif
6th Grade Beginning Band
Theory Book 1
Rhythm Spectrum
Band Student
200 economy weight sheet protectors
Alfred Theory.jpg
Rhythm Spectrum paint.jpg
C Line EWSP.jpg
Clarinet book Yamaha.bmp
7th Grade Intermediate Band
Theory Book 2
Rhythm Spectrum
Warm Ups & 

Index Cards
1 UNRULED white
1 color set
Alfred Theory.jpg
8th Grade ABC
Theory Book 3
Rhythm Spectrum
Pop/Classic book of choice

500 Ream paper
color of instrument
Alfred Theory.jpg
pop solo sample.jpg

Links to Band/Orchestra Flyers for Interested parents/students

Advantages of Band
Advantages Mini thumb.PNG
Materials Needed
Textbook Mini thumb.PNG
Concert Band
Concert Band Mini thumb.PNG
Parent Checklist
parent checklist mini thumb.PNG
During School Classes
During School Classes Mini thumb.PNG
Office Hours
Office Hours mini.PNG
After School Classes
After School Classes Mini thumb.PNG
List of Dates
List of Dates mini thumb.PNG
Join Band
Join Band Mini thumb.PNG
Music Information
CIMI Mini thumb.PNG
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