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All classes need a commitment to be successful.  No class has an in and out policy of come when you want as it hurts groups as a whole and individual students.  Advance notice is important for absences.  Students should speak to teacher/moderator in person.  Parents can phone the teacher, but students still must come and speak for themselves.  Please avoid "dropping in" to take care of what might be a small problem.  There are concerts, festivals and other major events to plan.  Please make an appointment and avoid days leading up to trips, concerts, etc.

Concert Band - playing starts 7:30am daily - This is the group that goes on the trips.
It is important to do 2 weeks without missing a day trial periodArrive around 7:15 to give enough time to go to your locker first, be positive, and check in daily with the teacher.  It's extremely important to do this, because the first 3 days students won't be able to adjust yet.  Beginners need to be also concurrently enrolled in the during the day band class.  At 2 weeks students usually become comfortable with how everything is run and how they fit in.


Recommendation for best rest
If you get up at 5:30 am go to sleep at either 8:30 or 10 - If you get up at 6 go to sleep at either 9 or 10:30

If you get up at 6:30 go to sleep at either 8, 9:30 or 11 - A humans average sleep cycle is an hour and a half.  You go through several cycles a night.  7 1/2 hours and 9 hours you should feel rested.  8 hours and you may feel terrible, because it disrupts the sleep cycle.  Don't use the computer for about 3 hours before you go to sleep.  The computer/phone light will make it difficult to go to sleep.

Beginning Band - Block H 6th graders both experience and no experience. 

6th graders often feel everyone knows more than they do.  This is not the case.  Many know nothing when they come in and it requires 2 weeks of starting to play and trusting the instructor knows how to help them.  Some know enough that they can answer questions to help others learn quickly.  I'm available as much as possible at the beginning of the year for help.  All they need to do is ask.

Intermediate Band - Block F 7th preferred experience, but have had beginners

Advanced Band & Composition - Block C 8th should have played about 2 years

Jazz Band - Tuesdays 3-4 & Thursdays X block 2:26-3

Orchestra - Wednesdays & Thursdays 3-4

Percussion Ensemble - Wednesdays 4-5

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