CTW Band/Orchestra/Percussion Announcements

All 6th and 7th graders including those in Concert Band
performance for May 26, 2022 8th grade Graduation

Apostolic works 3-5 hours toward next year 

Everyone should have told me by now if they could not make it.  Call time for 6th and 7th graders is 3:56 pm. Please dress in formal/mass attire. - Either cummerbund & bow tie OR a tie.  Girls:  Dress or dressy slacks and blouse.


As Mr Lewis, the Chaminade High School band director mentioned during the spring concert, all middle school students interested in finding out more abut the marching band are welcome to participate in their rehearsals held at the high school campus on these following dates:

June 6 from 12 -2pm

There will be free pizza following the practice!

Make sure music binders are turned in if you are not going to use them over the summer and let me know if you are keeping them for the summer.

For the students who would like to keep their instruments over the summer break, please use this link to submit a rental fee for $50.00 per instrument.


If not, make sure to turn in your instruments.

Past CTW at the bottom of this page:

Links to Band/Orchestra Flyers for Interested parents/students

Advantages of Band
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Materials Needed
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Concert Band
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Parent Checklist
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During School Classes
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Office Hours
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After School Classes
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List of Dates
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Join Band
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Music Information
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All Instrumental, Rhythm and Theory Books can be purchased at Cassell's Music
901 N. Maclay 818 365 9247

Past CTWs

All Classes

Practice consistently to help your brain.  Practicing makes you smarter.
Doing math problems also makes you smarter.  

Use X block to organize when things are due.

Avoid sending emails unless necessary.  Always have your emails checked by your parents before you send them.
In person communication is best. 
If you are going to miss any classes check with your teachers in advance to let them know and find out what you may be missing.

Being on Time anywhere.
Concert Band is doing really well at being on time.  Only 5 students are usually tardy.  Remember to set a goal window of leaving the house so you can be on time wherever you go.

Students are being given "mini lessons" at flipgrid.com

Students should practice their music to be ready for the performances. 

Students are randomly being chosen to record a flip grid, which is like a mini lesson covering about 2 measures. 

Regarding Recording Classes for Band Potato YouTube

Does anyone have any issue with me posting a class performance practice on Band Potato YouTube which is social media?  Call me around 5:15 pm M-F or email.

Take home Practice binder

Students are allowed and encouraged to take their personal band view binder home to practice. Just don't forget to bring it back to class.

6th, 7th and 8th graders Please get your formal attire by this weekend
Black dress pants, black dress socks, black dress shoes, Long sleeve white dress shirt, Black bow tie, black cummerbund

Orchestra Fiddle Tunes 1, Arapahoe Warriors
6th/7th Band Banana Boat, Blitzkrieg Bop, Girls, Mama Paquita, Eye of the Tiger, Mortal Kombat 
7th Band Reflection 
Concert Band/8th - Little Mermaid, Avengers, Star Wars Revenge of the Sith ( arr Mark Williams)

Jazz Band Skyfall, Limbo Rock, Rock Around the Clock


For the concert we need parent volunteers for
Decoration, set up, tickets, refreshment table, - sign up slots will be on sign up genius - if you think of something that was missing from 1st concert - let me know

All Classes & Ensembles May 7, 2022
Concert Payment Link

Tech rehearsal will be day 2 Half Day May 6th Friday  8:30-12:35
Our Concert is coming up May 7, 2022 Please have your formal attire
Black dress pants, black dress socks, black dress shoes, Long sleeve white dress shirt, Black bow tie, black cummerbund

Thank you Homecoming Volunteers for helping Friday the 17th to make our Popcorn/Snowcone Booth a success.  I can always use volunteers in the Band Room.  Please send me an email if you would like to help out and what times you are available: csnyder@chaminade.org

Practice Practice Practice

Students should practice at home the music they have played in class and practice the music that is coming up next. (next page or a piece of music of their choosing)

Every student should be bringing their instrument home and practicing what we are playing in class in order to improve musically and mentally.

Help your child set up a consistent practicing schedule.

Everybody should be practicing a minimum of 10-15 min/day for best success.

Everyone should have their books, music stand and instruments by now. Kaye's Music Scene knows exactly what books we are using.  Let him know you are from Chaminade, what grade you are in and what classes you are planning on being in.  He knows what you will need.


Kaye’s Music Scene

19369 Victory Blvd.

Tarzana, CA 91335

6th grade: Yamaha Band Student Book, Rhythm Spectrum, Theory book 1

7th grade: Warm-ups and Beyond, Rhythm Spectrum,  Theory Book 2 (depending on student level)

8th grade: Pop Music Book, Rhythm Spectrum,  Theory Book 3 (depending on student level)

Concert Band: Step by Step

Jazz Band: Jazz Ensemble Method

Orchestra/ Strings: Elements For Strings
Binders are provided for every student in every class with sheet protectors and music already added into the binder.  All students have a band locker that they have selected.  
Intro 6th grade: students have a binder, instrument and music stand to use at home

If you would like more information Call Ms. Snyder

310 200 6756 preferably after 4:30 pm

Looking to rent/buy an instrument.  Main brand to get is Yamaha.

Clarinets can also get "buffet" R13, Trumpets can also get "Bach"

Flutes "Gemeinhardt"
Those companies specialize in those particular instruments.

To Purchase your Formal Attire:
All classes, all ensembles.  Formal Attire: Black dress pants, black dress socks, black dress shoes, white long sleeved dress shirt, black bow tie, black cummerbund:  Girls:  Black formal dress.  
8th graders may wear a red, green, blue, yellow dress shirt.  Girls:  red, green, blue, yellow, silver, gold black dress.

Winter Concert – December 5, 2021
All grades, all classes, all ensembles are participating.  It is a special event where students showcase their hard work in learning and practicing to the entire Chaminade community! 

Tryouts for teams:  You are only expected to show 1 day for 3 days of tryouts.

Thank you Lena for helping me with the CTW.
Thank you Toth, Gefsky and Sume families for giving me times they can volunteer.