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CTW Band/Orchestra/Percussion Announcements

It's not too late for 6th graders to join 6th Grade Beginning Band class which meets during the school day during block H.  This is a once in a lifetime opportunity.  Now's the time.

Brands to buy are Yamaha number 1 for every instrument - student model - get insurance
for brass - trumpet, trombone, tuba, horn -  Bach, Getzen, Jupiter, Selmer, Holton, Conn, King
for clarinet Buffet, Selmer, Jupiter
for flute Gemeinhardt, Selmer, Jupiter


Concert Band
Overnight trip registration link is available on the home page and here for your convenienceWe need everyone to register asap to make sure we can go.
Trip ID 210025 Register Link 2023

Links to Band/Orchestra Flyers for Interested parents/students

Advantages of Band
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Materials Needed
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Concert Band
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Parent Checklist
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During School Classes
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Office Hours
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After School Classes
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List of Dates
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Join Band
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Music Information
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