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May 7, 2022  2-4pm call time 12:29  Saturday
Spring Concert Arts & Athletic Center

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All classes - If you have a class with Ms. Snyder you are in this Concert.  Each Concert is a FINAL & half of your grade.  6th Grade Beginning Band, 7th Intermediate, 8th Advanced Band, Concert Band, Orchestra, & Jazz Band are all participating.
Everyone needs to make the final rehearsals the week of December 3rd and the tech rehearsal.  No tightening of braces 2 weeks prior & avoid basketball.  Have your parents call me if there is any issue.

AttireBoys Black dress shoes, black dress socks, black dress pants, Long sleeve white dress shirt, black cummerbund, black bow tie.  Girls All black formal

check in with section leaders when you arrive, then tune and take your music to your chair and warm up

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December 2/9, 2022 3:30-5pm call time 1:57 Sunday  Jazz Band in placecall time 2:29 Sunday Orchestra in placecall time 2:29 Sunday all studentsArts & Athletic Center
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