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Trumpet is a treble clef reading instrument and gets the melody like the flutes and clarinets.  Silver trumpets tend to have a more piercing sound.  The trumpet is comprised of two pieces: body and mouthpiece.  When assembling, always tip in the mouthpiece.  Never pull the mouthpiece when stuck.  A broken leader pipe can cost $150 to fix.  Music stores have mouthpiece pullers and it may be free to have it removed correctly 

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Starting out:  BUZZ, BUZZ, BUZZ  Buzzing your lips is the toughest thing to do - Buzzing the mouthpiece is next and Buzzing into the trumpet is the easiest.  Practice buzzing lips low and high - Then buzzing the mouthpiece low - high - low - high - low - followed by playing open C or G on the trumpet - C is the low note and G is higher - Next go for D 1&3, E 1&2 and F 1st valve


Make sure you are sitting up on the edge of the chair, feet flat on the floor, head in a normal resting position, and bring the instrument to you.  Buzz your lips before bringing the mouthpiece to you.  Keep the corners of your mouth pulled back.  Elbows should be relaxed and slightly away from your body.

Cleaning Care
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Valve Oil, Mouthpiece brush, Mutes
Empty condensation EVERY time you use your horn.  Put a brush through the mouthpiece regularly.  Wipe the instrument with microfiber cloth & be aware of dent causes.  Put mouthpiece in a bowl of warm/hot water once a week with Listerine
Give trumpet a bath once every 2 or 3 months.  Take valves out one at a time just over halfway.  Note the numbers on the valves.  Hold slightly away from your body.

Best Trumpet Mouthpieces

3C or 5C after you are a little more advanced from the 7C
Lead Jazz:14A or 4A Shilke
Jazz: 13A or 4A Bobby Shoe

Trumpet Websites

Trumpet  DSO Kids is the Dallas Symphony Orchestra's site.  It's mission is to provide attractive, child-friendly resources that introduce symphonic music, the orchestra and its instruments, and to encourage both adults and young people to explore the symphony orchestra.

Brass Acoustics Trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba.  this page explains the physics of brass instruments.  For a background on acoustics click on Basics.


Trumpet Guild

Trumpet Herald

Trumpet Players

Listen to Trumpeters

Louie Prima
Louis Armstrong
Miles Davis
Roy Hargrove
Arturo Sandoval
Wynton Marsalis - monet trumpet

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