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Invented in 1840 by Adolph Sax, which explains why almost no music exists in orchestra for saxophone.  Lt. Kije Suite has saxophone in the Orchestra.  The biggest danger in putting the saxophone together is the neck.  If you hang on the neck when putting it together, damage will occur.  Repairs are expensive.  All students are taught how to put it together carefully.  Hold the bell when lifting it out. 

Air on a Pinwheel

To start, imagine blowing air on a pinwheel, whisper "too" and keep the air going.  Bite on the top of the mouthpiece with the cushy part of your lip on the bottom.  Make sure it doesn't wiggle in your mouth.  If you are not biting down the sound will be very nasal and wobbly sounding.  Squeakingis caused by either too much mouthpiece in the mouth or over blowing the notes.  


Make sure you are biting the top of the mouth piece, sitting up on the edge of the chair, feet flat on the floor, head in a normal resting position, and bring the instrument to you.  Elbows should be relaxed and slightly away from your body.

Cleaning Care
reed guard.jpg

Need Box of #2 Reeds & Reedguard for 4 reeds, cleaning swab, Saxophone neck strap
Send swab through Saxophone EVERY time after use.  To get white stuff off the mouthpiece from long time use, put a little cork grease on the mp and wipe off with a non abrasive cloth...
 playing each time.

Best Saxophone Mouthpieces
sax mouthpiece.gif

A quality mouthpiece can make a huge difference after someone has been playing for 3 months with consistent practice.  It makes it easier to play and sounds better.

Alto & Tenor: AL4, Selmer C*, Yamaha 4C/5C standard - classical
Jazz: Meyer can't go wrong hard rubber
Jazz:  Meyer 5/6, bright Van Doren, AutoLink 7, mellow Meyer, SR Europa
Bari:  Meyer 8 & Yangashima
test your own mouthpieces at the store

Saxophone Websites

Saxophone  DSO Kids is the Dallas Symphony Orchestra's site.  It's mission is to provide attractive, child-friendly resources introducing symphonic music, the orchestra and its instruments, and to encourage both adults and young people to explore the symphony orchestra.

Reed Selection  Having a good reed instead of bad makes saxophone playing more enjoyable.  Unfortunately, commercially made reeds are inconsistent; some play well others don't. 

Saxophone Acoustics Introduction to saxophone acoustics. There's a research page on what happens inside the vocal tract of sax players.  Try the introduction of How do woodwind instruments work? For unfamiliar terms try the Basics list on the navigation bar.

Sax Repertoire  Saxophone Music

Virtual Saxophone Museum  trading post, video, audio, resources, store

NC Sax Quartet  New Century Saxophone Quartet standards album

Sax Lessons  Saxophone lessons online

Listen to Saxophonists

Cannonball Adderly
Charlie Bird
John Coltrane

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