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The low brass is like the wheel of the band.  Without a trombone, baritone and tuba a band is like a car without a wheel or a person with no heart.  Which means you can't drive or live.  That's pretty serious.  Baritone is like another wheel.  Both Baritone and Tuba are low foundation instruments of the band. 


The horn is comprised of two pieces: body and mouthpiece.  When assembling, always tip the mouthpiece to avoid denting and damaging where the mouthpieces goes in.  


To start with a nice tone, say "emm".  Then "buzz"  Make sure your lips are even together and against your teeth.  Clear notes go along with matching the proper pitch.  Don't puff your cheeks.  Breathe in deep from the diaphragm to support the note you play.


Make sure you are sitting up on the edge of the chair, feet flat on the floor, head in a normal resting position, and bring the instrument to you.  Buzz your lips before bringing the mouthpiece to you or in the case of Horn you can place them evenly together to say the letter "P" and let air barely escape.  Keep the corners of your mouth pulled back.  Elbows should be relaxed and slightly away from your body.

Cleaning Care

Rotary Oil, Mouthpiece brush
Empty condensation EVERY time you use your horn
Put a brush through the mouthpiece regularly
Wipe down the instrument with a microfiber cloth and be aware of dents and how they may be caused.

Best Mouthpieces for Horn

Best mouthpiece for Horn.  Just remember "Matt don't cry"  MDC  We actually had a "Matt" who played horn when we learned about this mouthpiece.

Horn Websites

Horn    DSO Kids is the Dallas Symphony Orchestra's site.  It's mission is to provide attractive, child-friendly resources that introduce symphonic music, the orchestra and its instruments, and to encourage both adults and young people to explore the symphony orchestra.

Brass Acoustics  Trumpet, horn, trombone, tuba.  this page explains the physics of brass instruments.  For a background on acoustics click on Basics.

Horn Society International Horn Society

Horn Resources Horn Resources

Listen to Horn Players

James Decker
Ib Lanzky-Otto
Max Pottag

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