Day 1 April 12th    

6:46 am   Band room casual attire

6:58 am   Warm Up & rehearse
7:30 am   Load Bus @ Chaminade

7:56 am   Depart Chaminade MS
9:00 am   Universal Studios

9:01 am   Straight to Tram tour

2:46 pm   Final shopping

3:22 pm   City Walk Food Court
3:45 pm   Boys to bus change pants 1st

4:11 pm   Leaving for Theatre

7:45 pm   Warm Up

8:20 pm   Performance

9:00 pm   Bus to Hotel

9:30 pm   Arrive at Hotel

9:59 pm   Sleepy time

Day 2 April 13th      

     7:01 am     Breakfast at Hotel in casual

     7:59 am     Load bus

    9:00 am     California Adventure

    5:06 pm     eat Pacific Port Café

     5:56 pm     head to Hyperion Theatre

     6:16 pm     Hyperion Theatre
     7:00 pm     Awards in CA Theatre

After awards wait for Ms. Snyder in theatre
Everyone rejoins their group & checks out together.  If you get separated for any reason, go to the Starbucks near the front entrance INSIDE California Adventure.  If you wander off, go to security and contact us.

   10:44 pm     Walt Disney statue 5 & Dime

   11:01 pm     Head to Bus