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January 16, 2025: Thursday    Disneyland information guidelines 
clinic info will not be accurate until January 2025

6:21 am Arrive at Chaminade Middle School

ATTIRE: Comfortable non-offensive clothes, dress for the weather.  If you don't understand this means just wear your school uniform.  All students travel via bus & go around the park in groups.

6:23 am in your seat with your case at your feet - follow instructions to LOAD & Leave bus Chaminade MS (same seat both ways)
Low Winds & Brass, front compartment, Trpts, Saxes middle compartment, flutes & clarinets, back compartment, percussionists don't need to bring instruments or mallets/sticks

Check in points are imperative.  Do not be late, and have your whole group.  If missing someone, come to the check in point anyway.  I need to see everyone's face & make sure each student knows each check in time & place.  Being late guarantees staying upon return to make sure everything is put away properly.

Suggestion:  Have your group write down everyone's first choice of ride, then consult map to make a path to hit everyone's ride.  Choose fast passes for rides with longest lines.  If everyone doesn't respect each other there will be problems, crying, and phone calls accompanied by lack of fun.

8:00 am enter park if you have listened/followed directions - You have a little over an hour before heading back to the front.  Probably a max of 1 1/2 hours.
9:17 Head toward entrance to Main street

9:27-9:43 am  Band meets at Magic Shop near Great Moments with Lincoln - check in your whole group visually directly with Ms. Snyder
9:44 am Everyone walks together out the front to the end of Downtown Disney where we were dropped off and will be picked up at the end of the night 
for the clinic by the Lego store - bathroom is next door

10:09 am Use restroom behind the Lego Store - we will be in the clinic for an hour and a half and you need to prepare in advance to not go for an hour and a half.

10:14 am  Band meets with Disney Representative at Silver Mickey statue near Star Wars Trading Post Number 1 on the Downtown Disney Map - it's the furthest point west past World of Disney.  We are meeting up with our bus at Downtown Disney drop off to get instruments and tune before going in to clinic - there will be a dog sniffing walk through before we go in.  We will get our instruments off the bus and leave the cases - keep your mouthpiece in your pocket, keep your reed in your mouth when we are not moving.
Inspection:  Line up quietly in two lines while we wait for the security and dog inspection.  Please respect security is a serious checkpoint.

11:00 pm - 12:30 pm Soundtrack Clinic where you record like they do for the movies

Rules for a fun day @ Disneyland
Check In:  Any 
group missing a check point IN PERSON where ms. Snyder sees you standing in front of her, will stay after upon return.
Bathroom:  Never separate from group, never go alone.  
Rides:  Never separate, take last escape point if not riding, & wait at exit.
Eating:  Never separate from group.  Wait in line together and then go to another place together if you don't want to eat the same thing.  
Tomorrowland has the widest selection with food all in the same area and COMMUNICATE with your group if you feel a place is too crowded.
Phone & Battery:  Reception is never the same in different locations.  Be prepared for your battery to drain much quicker than normal.  Have a power bank with at least 2 full charges & a charging cord.  (consider Low battery mode, brightness down)
If Lost:  Go to Magic Castle and text your group which includes me - those passing castle temporarily adopt the lost one.  To avoid getting lost or separated always keep one person in your group in your sight.  Get each others numbers if you are able to text each other.  Once separated it is very hard to find each other.

Stay off each other.  You'll end up fighting discovering everyone's personal bubble of space is different.  No one wants to be annoyed at Disneyland.  Be respectful.  Communicate with words.

6:56 pm SHOP at front - You have about 30 minutes to buy a last minute item & get stuff from locker with a buddy.  
Stay with group/buddy, check in, use restroom with a buddy.  Don't wander off alone even after checking in.


7:33-43 pm   Meet by Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln which is near Magic Shop - when your group checked in go outside of the park to the right (west) and use the restroom where we will wait until all groups arrive.   We will go as one group to the bus at Downtown Disney near where the clinic was located.  
LATE CHILDREN PAY LATE BUS FEES  $110.00  Being late is a major safety issue.


8:00 pm Bus leaving We plan to return to school by 9:23 pm. Students staying after 20 minutes are selected based on trip behavior, tardiness, absences & no communication. 
9:26 pm Arrive @ Chaminade MS unless a child is late to the bus.  LATE CHILDREN PAY LATE BUS FEES  $110.00

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