January 25, 2019: Friday     

6:46 am Arrive at Chaminade Middle School - Left at 7:15 am
Student missed bus - followed us and reunited off 5 freeway Target on Imperial

10:25 am Bus inspection:  Ball road west - right on Cast Place - will meet us backstage.
Issue Single Rider Matterhorn:  separates in 2 different directions for single ride

10:56 am  Met at Toontown Bridge 
G Major for Castle Logo theme, Marvel Theme C Major/a minor - arpeggios for Flutes & clarinets
note rest note note - Clarinets need 4 reeds and need to meet with section at X block to memorize notes with shartps and flates C#  low F#, low G#, high F#, high Eb, high Ab (G#)

7:43-53 pm   City Hall bathroom is small & well used - use outside restroom
8:15 left park - Shuttle line was long, blue shuttle bus to Toy Story takes ~20 minutes
Leave park @ 7:56 at latest - use restroom outside on the right - need 2 lagging chaperons to wait for situations

8:33 pm Bus leaving park - ended up being 9:00 from Toy story parking lot  Woody

Woody, Jessie and one other name for buses from now on We planned to return to school by 9:30 - was 10:00 pm.  

New Rule:  Singer rider options for Buzz Light Year and Cars Land only.  Certainly not Matterhorn.
Ms. S rode Buzz Lightyear, Star Wars building, Autopia, Star Tours, Storybook ride, Ice Cream on Main Street

Why not CHOOSE to try, CHOOSE to do your best, CHOOSE to be on time, CHOOSE to be positive, CHOOSE to listen,

CHOOSE to be respectful of others - and CHOOSE to have a good time playing music. 

You choose your attitude.  Which attitude will you be wearing tomorrow?

fungus man 3.jpg
fungus man 3.jpg