Why not CHOOSE to try, CHOOSE to do your best, CHOOSE to be on time, CHOOSE to be positive, CHOOSE to listen,

CHOOSE to be respectful of others - and CHOOSE to have a good time playing music. 

You choose your attitude.  Which attitude will you be wearing tomorrow?

ABC Advanced Band & Compostion

Bring your B block books to class ALWAYS and a pencil

Nov 19, 20

Keep Project quidelines in your binder

It has 8 instruments listed

Turn in serial numbers of your instrument/s 

Please do your SmartMusic 

8th Grade ABC
Theory Book 3
Rhythm Spectrum
Bach & Before
Index Cards color/white
Alfred Theory.jpg

Monday Tuesday Rhythm Spectrum

Wednesday Bronze tests 2
Thursday Friday Bach & Before 4th Chorale

Old 100th 

Old 100th
WUB Bb - Eb Major Page 27
Bach & Before - Soprano Line

Dow Jones Subway, Rehearsal Fundamentals, Chromatic Scale

Main Set

Pep Book - rhythm
Red Folder 
Micah, Sophia
Kevin, Trevor
Angelina, Darren
Jade or Jacob, Brayden

Nightmare Before Christmas

Russian Sleigh Ride

At Home: Practice the chromatic scale from bottom to top and back down again

Get to know your instrument up and down - Use SmartMusic as part of practice

Project Guidelines

Wednesday - Project Day
Video rotation Schedule
10:55-11:15 Flute/
11:15-11:35 Cl/Low Brass
11:35-11:55 Trpt/Horn
If practicing in storage room - set timer for end point to give 2 minutes to pack up

Assignment is write song as is
then a variation made of 8th notes on one song from pages 1-9 of beginning method