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Beginning Band  Block D

Bring a pencil/X block books - Instrument & binder in Band Locker between 7:48-7:50


Bring and prepare for Class

What looks like it needs practice? looks your view binder code is 7TN2A-GGUEF to join NEW SmartMusic class 

Section Leaders, Band manager, Music manager, Instrument manager 
Band Managers:  x & x & x
x (Multiple Instruments) x (music manager)

x Flutes   
x Clarinets
x Trumpets,  
x- Low Brass 
x- Percussion
x- Kleenex
x- Green Spray

x- Reeds
x- Cork Grease

x- valve oil monitor
x- mouthpiece removal & mutes

x- Slide Oil

Hold all questions for about the first 7 minutes - sit and await instructions. 

Breathe deeply 2 seconds - hold - release 4 seconds

work quietly in Theory Book first 7 minutes until instructions are given  
Set up - Bring cork grease, valve oil, reed to chair    

Beginning of Class - in chair by bell

Yamaha Band Student Book Bb Scale/F Scale
page 1 
F Concert scale measure 2 test
Rhythm Spectrum Chart 2

Dow Jones Subway
Old 100th

Warm Ups & Rhythm

Main Set - Band ViewBinder

Flutes m
Clarinets m
Alto Sax, Bassoon, Bass Clarinets 1st Ending
Trumpets m
Low Brass m
Percussion m

Project Wednesday

Video explaining a rhythm from one measure of Home, Mission Impossible, September
Assembly, Hold and Note test - Have you watched the band potato videos? - can you assemble your instrument and hold it properly?

Main Filming zone times
1:05-1:20 Flute/Sax

1:20-1:35 Cl/Low Brass
1:35-1:50 Trumpet/Horn

1:50-2:05 Percussion

To prepare for class practice any measure 7 & measure 15.  We will play most or all of the song in class, but you need at least this minimal practice to prepare for class.  If you can practice more measures that is even better, BUT you must have time to eat, sleep, be with family.

2nd lunch every day is open practice to get credit if no time at home

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