Hello Chris B
who uttered under his breath and I heard it.

He plays Flute and Alto Sax.  He is an excellent musician and all around funny guy if you listen.  He has subtlety.

I don't know his favorite color still.

I'm still waiting for a new joke, but now that he's in HS - update - a Lawyer? will he read this and send me one?

This is yet another secret page that you have stumbled upon.  Is there one for someone else?

Why not CHOOSE to try, CHOOSE to do your best, CHOOSE to be on time, CHOOSE to be positive, CHOOSE to listen,

CHOOSE to be respectful of others - and CHOOSE to have a good time playing music. 

You choose your attitude.  Which attitude will you be wearing tomorrow?

fungus man 3.jpg
fungus man 3.jpg