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Côr Cymraeg De Califfornia

Students doing well and are participating in the Band Potato contests.   
This weeks music 8 Emperor's Waltz, 6 Ode to Joy, 7 The Thunderer, CB Dona Nobis Pacem



Get Band Potato contest entries in by every Sunday

New bits and pieces put out every Monday morning
New Band potato videos every day Monday-Thursday

Winners announced every Monday afternoon -
This Monday 3:33pm live on Band Potato youtube and on Band Potato Instagram

Ways to enter the Contest
SmartMusic one piece of music a week.  This weeks "piece" is Ode to Joy broken into 4 "bits." Do the 4 "bits" first trying for 80% or higher and then play the "piece" Ode to Joy and submit.

Band Potato You tube
Record yourself playing along with my recording while wearing headphones so it lines up in the audio.  Make sure the video is in horizontal mode.  Send me the recording or link to recording in order to be entered into the contest drawing.

If you would like to be included with a certain amount of other students let me know.  Otherwise, practice until play it well.  I found I feel self conscious singing for my choir, but if I practice enough or am not alone in a recording I know I would feel better.

Music recorded so far:  Axel F, Blitzkrieg Bop, Bohemian Rhapsody, Clocks, Duel of the Fates, Eye of the Tiger, Freeze Frame, Get Off of My Cloud, Ghostbusters, Girls, Happy, Hawaii 5-0, HOME, I Get Around, James Bond, Louie, Louie, Low Rider.  I may have missed something.

There will be a live band/orchestra composition & arranging class through school this Friday at 11 am.  We will start with something easy like writing out how to play Happy Birthday.  You may bring your own ideas of what you want to arrange or write.

Please feel free to contact me.  It is no bother.   Life is comparatively silent now.  Comment on Instagram or YouTube that you are okay and if you are practicing.  Practicing is good for your health.

Winners week 1

Amberly Bergmans

Jonathan Klein

Scarlett Reece

Amanda Barkman

Winners week 2

Isabella Choi
John Gerber
Amanda Barkman

Winners week 3


Why not CHOOSE to try, CHOOSE to do your best, CHOOSE to be on time, CHOOSE to be positive, CHOOSE to listen,

CHOOSE to be respectful of others - and CHOOSE to have a good time playing music. 

You choose your attitude.  Which attitude will you be wearing tomorrow?